The Song of Bright Harmony

The Song of Bright Harmony

Verse 1:
Vazimba in green, in harmony they stand.
Vezo, azure sea nomads, understand their ways.
Zazandrano, blue-skinned nymphs, deceiving grace.
Grey-furred ogres, fierce hunger they embrace.

Verse 2:
Lolo vokatra, deadly black plague to avoid.
Fanany, green serpent, feared and destroyed.
Pily, grey good serpent, friend to all.
Renirano, mother of water, bountiful.
Ginger Fosa, hidden in the trees.
RedLalo, giant creature, powerful and serene.

Verse 3:
Crimson-eyed Kaka, stalking from Raffia.
Mpamosavy, hunting at night, dark arts beware.
Buttercup Vovondreo, living in the mountains.
Bobel hunting at silvernight, hunger beware.
Songomby, preying in the deepest creepy jungle.

Verse 4:
Rapeto in greenhills, Darafifiy in redhills.
Creatures yet to be discovered, each with their own story to uncover.
All under the Creator's watchful gaze, in balance they live their days.
Their stories, the Angano of the Harmonious Circle.

Canon Refrain:
All under the Creator's gaze,
In balance, they live their days.

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